How do I create an effective wellbeing strategy?

Only 44% of businesses have a wellbeing strategy in place (CIPD)…do you?

At Illuminate we are passionate about providing practical and simple solutions to keep staff at all levels well and productive. Many organisations that we talk to recognise the need to put support in place for mental wellbeing but feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available and simply don’t know where to start.

Common barriers we have helped our clients to overcome in order to get started on their journey of developing and implementing a wellbeing strategy:

No budget

Most of our clients did not have a budget for mental wellbeing. We will help you find a solution that works for you through determining where you are at now, current priorities and delivering in a way that is cost effective.

No buy-in

We can support in identifying how your wellbeing strategy will drive efficiencies for your business and importantly how to measure this. It is vital to have senior level buy-in, and where senior leadership are happy to share their own personal journey with their mental health, this is incredibly powerful.

Not accessible to all

We offer a range of blended learning involving webinars, virtual workshops & face to face training. A strategy will help with identifying how to reach different areas of your business to get most engagement – there is no one size fits all approach.

How can Illuminate support?

Our wellbeing strategy development includes some or all of the following dependent on where you are at on the journey:

  1. Company Wellbeing Audit: Conducting a review of where you are now and mapping out your vision e.g. understanding your culture and values, desired outcomes, budget, timeframes
  2. Staff Wellbeing Survey: Developing and implementing a measure to gauge staff wellbeing, inform future interventions and evaluate progress
  3. Policies & Procedures: Assisting with the writing of and amending of policies e.g. incorporating wellbeing into existing health & safety policy
  4. Service Delivery: Providing ongoing support with delivery of key elements of the strategy to ensure it is embedded within the culture e.g. training, vocational rehabilitation, additional support
6 steps towards a mentally healthy working environment

Our 6 steps

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