If you are a larger organisation with either an HR team or wellbeing working group (not many organisations have one…but they are becoming increasingly common) then we can partner with you to deliver on your current or future wellbeing strategy. Every organisation is at a different stage in the wellbeing journey, and sometimes having an external company take fresh eyes on the situation is hugely helpful in knowing where to go next and offering you reassurance.

We can support on 3 levels:

  • Proactive support to keep people well
  • Upskilling for leaders in how to spot and support when someone begins to struggle
  • More reactive support for those who are unwell and need specialist services such as occupational health, vocational rehabilitation, counselling or therapy


We offer practical, workable solutions
With a strong background in business and positive psychology our approaches are evidence-based but what makes us different, is how we bring that theory to life through our experience implementing strategies and techniques in a range of organisations. We have seen what works, what perhaps doesn’t work and have a wealth of practical techniques to share with you. Following our interventions, we would provide recommendations and suggestions to help you moving forward.

We make your life easier
Whether you are a business owner, or HR professional reading this, we recognise that your role will be highly challenging, often reactive and non-stop as you are covering so many areas of expertise. Through our member area you have exclusive access to workshops, articles and resources that will help upskill your HR team and managers as well as learning from others within the field. Through working with Illuminate, you will have more time to work on the priorities of the business, strategic goals and day to day running of things. We will help free up time and take away the additional stress that may come with developing/delivering on a strategy, upskilling in mental health and employee performance, absence and morale issues.

We get to know your business
To ensure you see results, we work with you to understand your existing processes and policies, data / employee feedback, and support services so that we can deliver a joined-up approach that works for you.