Initial Vocational Assessments

Suitable for individuals either absent from work, or in work but struggling as a result of a health condition or disability. Often Occupational Health / HR / other support agencies have been involved but the issues have not yet been resolved.

  • IVAs are effective ways of supporting organisations to retain their staff and reduce absence costs while also assisting individuals in their recovery, return to work, and job retention
  • They help prevent a situation from worsening and enable employees to reach their potential and remain engaged at work
  • Assessments can be either face to face or telephone based
  • The consultant would explore the employees background, job description and duties, health condition or disability, current barriers to employment and suggestions for overcoming these
  • Recommendations may include reasonable adjustments, changes to job role or the environment, additional workplace support, training, external support and/or introduction of assistive technology
  • Full report and action plan would be provided to management, HR (where appropriate) and the employee detailing findings from the assessment, an action plan of recommendations and resources for further support
Illuminate Vocational Rehabilitation
illuminate vocational rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation with Case Management Support

  • Depending on the support needs, individuals may require follow up support or case management in order to assist with their return to work, or ensure they have the required support in the workplace to prevent future sickness absence
  • Costs would be at an hourly rate and agreed with the client depending on level and intensity of support required
  • Sometimes mediation and conflict management support is required to promote effective working relationships and manage breakdowns in communications
  • Aim is to empower and enlighten the individual so that in the future they are able to take control of their recovery and feel better able to manage their condition or illness at work

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Provider

Many organisations are now moving away from a more traditional occupational health model, to a more proactive way of working to support their staff.

Illuminate work with organisations as little or often as they need to provide advice and guidance to employees and management / HR on health and wellbeing. The following support is provided:

  • Reviewing of Post Offer Health Questionnaires
  • Advising HR / management on wellbeing issues with their employees
  • Telephone / face to face vocational rehabilitation assessments with report and recommendations
  • 1-1 coaching support to assist employees to return to / sustain employment

In August 2017, Illuminate began working with Audley Retirement and Audley Care as the Vocational Rehabilitation Provider, in replacement of their previous Occupational Health model. Illuminate have been reviewing new starters health questionnaires, advising employees and management on reasonable adjustments and support, and conducting full assessments on employees who are currently absent from work. Illuminate will also be delivering development workshops for management on mental health, resilience and disability awareness.