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We all have mental health, and as many as 1 in 4 of us will experience mental ill health each year.

Illuminate supports organisations to better manage mental health and disability in the workplace leading to decreased absenteeism, higher productivity and lower staff turnover. With our support organisations can benefit from speedier return to work outcomes, increased job satisfaction while also demonstrating a strong and supportive employer brand. Better mental wellbeing at work ultimately leads to higher profits.

We recognise that organisations often consider wellbeing initiatives to improve physical fitness and wellbeing…but what is your organisation doing to support mental fitness and wellbeing?

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Estimated cost to the UK economy of mental ill health per year
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Cost of absenteeism to UK business per year
Working days estimated to be lost due to mental ill health in 2014
% of population experiencing mental health problems each year

Our Services

Illuminate offers a range of specialist services to enhance the mental health of staff and equip managers with the knowledge to best support their teams. Take a look at the training and VR sections of the website for more information. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we can also offer bespoke packages to suit the needs of your organisation. Alternatively you can contact us directly if you have any queries – we are here to help.

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Mental Health First Aid Training

Illuminate are instructors of the adult two-day, one-day and half-day Mental Health First Aid courses, accredited by MHFA England.

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Illuminate Vocational Rehabilitation
Vocational Rehabilitation

Services aimed at supporting individuals to sustain or return to employment after a period of mental or physical ill health.

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Illuminate Vocational Rehabilitation

Specialist Mental Wellbeing, Resilience and Disability Awareness training for line managers/employees.

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It’s been a pleasure supporting so many individuals and organisations through Illuminate and as an associate consultant. Here’s what some of our clients have kindly said about us…

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  • Having Lisa Whittleton on site supporting colleagues to train in mental health first aid has been an invaluable support for us here at Orbit. Our wellbeing strategy aims to create and maintain an environment that supports and improves the wellbeing of our diverse workforce. We have carefully selected mental health first aiders who have now been trained to raise awareness of those issues, manage one to one conversations effectively in a confidential space and actively participate in wellbeing campaigns across the organisation. We have built a passionate and knowledgeable team with the help of Lisa’s training and feedback suggests it has been a fundamental course to improve mental health issues in the workplace. We have also scheduled training with Lisa in delivering line management specific training within this area over the next six months, which allows our heads of service and middle managers to gain clarity on approaching colleagues and discussing issues professionally.

    Raveena Bains
    Orbit Group
  • I have procured the services of Lisa Whittleton from Illuminate VR to provide training on managing long term health conditions and resilience as part of the support training programme we offer to businesses working towards the Workplace Wellbeing Charter Award. The feedback received from delegates was very good and I intend to run a follow on session from this. Lisa is very knowledgeable in her subject area and presented well using different delivery methods, which included group work, visual images, presentation and different media forms making the session interactive for the delegates. She provided an in depth overview of the content proposal beforehand and delivered what was expected.

    What was the best bit of the resilience session? Great to take time out to consider and reflect on myself, my own practice and to apply it to work; a real eye-opener; I can recognise common thinking traps; The knowledge of the trainer; better understanding of what resilience is and how to cope and improve it.

    Sharon Lindop
    Workplace Wellbeing Charter, Coventry City Council
  • I attended Lisa’s Disability Awareness Course and found it to be one of the best courses I have attended over many years. What could have been quite a routine session was actually quite vibrant and interactive, and got all participants involved at various points throughout the day. Where historically we tend to box just a couple of headings into the ‘disability’ bracket, Lisa’s session opened up the whole area, and participants realised how aware we need to be in spotting signs and signals, and what we can do to assist colleagues in these instances. This course would be of huge benefit to managers at all levels as it really opens up and explains what we should look out for, understanding subtle differences and more importantly the risks to colleagues and the business if we do not see the signs – or worse still, ignore the signs.

    Joe Connolly
    Distribution Centre Manager, DHL