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To increase profits

If your employees are in work, satisfied, supported and engaged then they will be more productive, less likely to take time off sick, and less likely to look for work elsewhere. This means you will be saving significant costs and ultimately increasing profits.

To gain insight from both a practical & theoretical perspective

Illuminate combines a strong background in Vocational Rehabilitation and case management with commercial awareness and training / facilitation skills. This means that the training delivery brings together real life experiences and examples with a wealth of knowledge of the subject matter.

Because our training is workplace specific

Mental Health First Aid training courses are being delivered across the UK. These sessions come from a more clinical perspective and are designed to give delegates from any walk of life a better appreciation of mental health generally.  These courses do not look specifically at the workplace, and the role of the manager in supporting mental wellbeing. Illuminate recognise the impact poor mental health, a lack of managerial knowledge and confidence, and absenteeism have on organisations both from a cost and duty of care point of view. We therefore provide you with practical skills and techniques that you can directly apply to within your workplace.

Because we are flexible 

We are flexible and offer full and half day courses, or lunch time taster sessions to fit in with the needs of your business. We understand it can be difficult to have leaders and managers out of the business for a whole day so are willing to work around that where possible.

To receive industry specific and relevant training

Bespoke services are available, where Illuminate will get to know your industry, your environment and the specific concerns or issues you are faced with, whether that be for example, the challenges of remote management, dealing with long term absenteeism, getting to the bottom of the causes of work-related stress etc. This means that your training will include relevant and industry-specific case studies and examples so that you can relate to the information taught and see how you can use the tools to support members of your team.

Because we get great feedback

The training courses receive fantastic reviews as they allow a trusting and open environment to discuss real life cases and build your confidence and mental health and disability. The sessions are highly interactive, and designed to suit all learning styles.

We offer coverage across the UK

Although based in Warwick, and keen to support local businesses nearby, Illuminate operates across the UK and is never too far away being based centrally.

To free up your time

Being clearer on where you can signpost your staff onto both internally and externally means you free up your time to focus on your work and wider organisational concerns. Illuminate can advise on local and UK wide specialist support so you can concentrate on what you are confident delivering and ensure you do not go beyond the remit of your role/outside your comfort zone. Visit the resources section of the website for some useful services.

Also, for the more complex cases where employees have many barriers to overcome to sustain employment, Illuminate offer case management services to ensure you are not alone, and advice is given until the individual feels they are able to manage alone.


Because we want to support local businesses

Although we operate UK wide, Illuminate are keen to support businesses in and around the Coventry and Warwickshire region. We are currently linking up with many HR organisations of all sizes to see how we could work collaboratively. You may have complex cases who have been absent long term and you are unsure where to go next? You may have employers wanting your involvement and this is taking up a lot of your time. Whatever the situation we are here to offer you advice and guidance.

To refresh your skills and knowledge

Illuminate offer training services to management, HR professionals and anyone within an organisation who is responsible for the wellbeing of others. You will most likely have completed topics related to mental wellbeing and disability law while undertaking your CIPD qualification, but this may have been some time ago. Attending an awareness session delivered by Illuminate will upskill you and your team, ensuring you are providing managers with the most up to date information and tools to support employees.

To reduce absenteeism and presenteeism in your organisation 

Absence rates are on the rise, and this has huge cost implications for organisations as well as the time it takes for you as HR professionals to manage individuals and support them back into work. Presenteeism is now costing businesses more than those who are absent from work. It is therefore vital to take a proactive approach rather than reactive to support individuals at the earliest opportunity so they are able to reach their potential in work and manage their wellbeing long term.

To assist with the development of wellbeing programmes and internal policies

Mental and physical wellbeing are hot on the governments agenda at present so building your skills and knowledge around mental wellbeing at work will enable you to put together a wellbeing programme which will support staff, promote a climate which retains staff, and encourages people to join your organisation. This in turn will create a stronger employer brand.

To give management ownership and free up your time

As HR professionals you will most likely have the knowledge and skills to support managers with complex cases and advise on employment laws, however we understand how many other tasks you have day to day. Illuminate offer training for management which will give them confidence to address some of the issues early on, themselves, without needing intensive HR involvement.

Because we work alongside HR professionals already

Illuminate work closely with HR professionals both through the training delivered but also through case management and advising on reasonable adjustments, supporting with decisions made by HR and providing specialist knowledge on ways of supporting others. This means we understand things from your perspective and want to work with you to create lasting improvements to your organisation’s culture and employee wellbeing.