Our 5 steps towards a positive culture of wellbeing:

  1. Vision & launching of your commitment to wellbeing
  2. Data analysis – capturing staff feedback through our anonymous wellbeing survey & review of existing data
  3. Development of your wellbeing strategy
  4. Support tactics – as part of your strategy we will work with you to map out what training, resources, support, coaching or workplace adaptations will improve wellbeing
  5. Monitoring – ongoing reviewing and adapting of your strategy to meet organisational and workforce needs

Investments start at £3000.00 + VAT*

*Additional investment would be required for support tactics


Keeping the momentum going with your wellbeing strategy can be time consuming so we have done all of the hard work and made it easy for you. Based on our wellbeing wheel of topics and calendar of events, for an investment of £300.00 + VAT per month, we provide you with:

  • 1 hour strategy review
  • Communication pack – newsletter, ready to send emails, resources & links, top tips and team building ideas
  • Access to email support ad hoc
  • 10% off additional services

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As a small business, you may face challenges in implementing wellbeing initiatives such as:

  • Not having a dedicated HR or wellbeing professional
  • Limited time and resource
  • No budget

If we can help you overcome the above barriers, there are plenty of benefits of having a smaller workforce:

  • Fast to roll out initiatives from the top down
  • Easy to positively influence the culture which will help support your business strategy as you grow
  • Easy to offer a consistent approach
  • Easy to measure engagement and impact

Please note – we cover the whole of the UK and have clients with international sites so do not be put off by our location.


We are a trusted provider
We’ve built a strong network in the Coventry and Warwickshire region having supported a range of SMEs across a number of industries, therefore you can trust that we are credible, experienced and up to date with what is happening across the region and common challenges faced by SMEs. Much of our work comes through referrals as our feedback is fantastic and we tend to partner with organisations longer term to support them. It also means that if we can’t support you with a particular need, we can signpost to a company who can.

We offer practical, workable solutions
With a strong background in business and positive psychology our approaches are evidence-based but what makes us different, is how we bring that theory to life through our experience implementing strategies and techniques in a range of organisations. We have seen what works, what perhaps doesn’t work and have a wealth of practical techniques to share with you.

We’re driven to create positive cultural change
Illuminate was set up in 2013, at a time when mental health was hardly spoken about at work and wellbeing was ‘pink and fluffy’ (it sometimes still is) and we are in this business for the right reasons. Work gives us purpose, and purpose is vital for our wellbeing. We are passionate and driven to bring about positive change that is long lasting and tend to avoid the ‘once and done’ approach, unless that is what is truly best for your organisation at that time. We recognise there is no one size fits all approach.